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Healthy hands are what we do. If you want to shape, shine, polish, pamper — or simply relax — our specialists are ready to put their nail smarts to work for you. Your hands will feel and look amazing. And, trust us, people will notice.
Spend a little “me time” with one of our top nail technicians and enjoy a little conversation or a little quiet as you are pampered with your choice of all the latest techniques and color trends. Relax and enjoy the massage included with every manicure. Choose from literally hundreds of colors! You will feel fantastic as your nails are shaped, buffed, and coloured to perfection. And with our affordable prices and membership options, it’s easy to fit regular nail care services into your budget.


PRETTY FEET ARE MADE HERE. The best looking feet have the best possible care. Our pedicures will give your hard working feet the special attention they deserve, and the beautiful results you desire.
We have created what we believe to be the most luxurious pedicure in all of Naples, Florida! Complete with ultra-luxurious massage spa chairs, our private pedicure spa offers a pampering retreat from the stresses of the day.
If you are getting a pedicure, try not to shave your legs 24 hours prior to the service. This reduces your chance of infection from a dirty tool or item used during your service. If you have cuts, blisters or other injuries prior to getting services, you may want to reschedule your visit with Lovely Nails - Nail salon in Naples FL 34114.


No girl can deny the impact of a manicure. It doesn't matter if you're into classic formal styles or something more casual, an elegant manicure will always be a delight to the eyes. You are able to add a feminist look to your everyday style with feminine and charming nail designs in today’s post.
Almond shape is one of the most-requested nail shapes at every nail salon near me in Naples, Florida 34113, probably because it is the most classic shape and easy to pair with any nail polish color. I especially like Almond nails because they are pretty and classy, yet modest at the same time. Feel free to rock whatever color or design you like with the almond nail shape.

There is nothing more stylish than a classic shade of red. The red color is bold and vibrant, when painted on your almond shaped nails they will create an effective contrast. This design is easy to do at home or you can visit a professional nail salon in Naples, Florida 34114 for better results.


Are there enough reasons for you to wear Almond shaped nails? From the classic to the bold. It all depends on what you are in the mood for. Schedule an appointment with Lovely Nails- the best nail salon in Naples, Florida 34113 for upscale nail services!

After arriving at the “nail salon near me”, you will be shown a series of designs to choose from. Alternatively, you can ask for a customised nail look - it’s up to you! Our experienced nail technician will start by removing any old polish color from your nails, before trimming, filing and shaping them for neatness. For the best results, it’s worth noting that technicians prefer your nails to not be too short. You want to have some room to show off your nail art, after all. The talented nail artist will then apply a clear base coat to your nails to protect them from any damage, as well as providing longevity and a strong base for the next layer. Once your base is all dry, the fun begins!


Perhaps your look will be adorned with glitter, contrasting tips or even jewels or crystals. Whatever your preference, the nail tech will use intricate techniques to achieve the desired effect. Embellishment can be added to your manicure or pedicure, too, regardless of whether your nails are natural or artificial. In recent years, nail art has grown tenfold in popularity and you’ll be amazed by just how creative it can be. The possibilities are endless. And, unlike other hand care treatments, you can keep coming back for more and never repeat the same nail look twice.

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